5 Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day 2022 – Sunday 27th March

 5 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for a Mum or Mum-to-Be!

Being a Mum is hard- the hardest thing I've ever done! I'm nearly two years in and still getting my head around how much life has changed. I'm learning to cope with the lack of sleep, reading the same book eleventy-billion times a day, watching food I've lovingly prepared being thrown defiantly on the floor and adapting to the general chaos of it all. But having little arms wrap themselves around me and hearing those hysterical little giggles is all so worth it and a gift  in itself.
I think I speak  for most Mums when I say that an 'I love you  Mum!' is more appreciated than any physical gift you can buy... but for those who want to give the Mums in their life an extra special treat this year, I've listed my favourite Mum products. I design all of the message cards myself, so I hope you like them and that they convey just how amazing Mums are!
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Heather x 


'Gift From The Bump' Necklace

This beautiful necklace is plated with 14k white gold and is sparkly enough to make a statement whilst dainty enough to be worn with any outfit. Coupled with a loving message from the Bump, it makes an ideal present for a Mum-to-Be. (Also available written as ‘Mommy’ or ‘Mammy’)

    Star Map Necklaces

    Our Star Map range is our most popular range and for good reason. We capture the Stars from the night your little one was born and turn them into a beautiful and meaningful piece of jewellery that can be worn every day. Available in a heart, circle or dog tag shape to suit different styles. Also available as a luxury keyring for those who prefer not to wear jewellery.

       Bird Family Sterling Silver Necklace

      This beautiful necklace features a silver Mumma Bird and up to 4 Rose Gold Baby Birds. Each baby bird can be personalised with your children's initial, making this a beautiful Mother's Day keepsake.


      Children’s Artwork Keyrings

      A great gift for Dads and Mums alike - take your children’s masterpieces and turn them into a long lasting keyring so that you can carry their drawings wherever you go! Perfect for Dads who have taken on the role of both Dad and Mum and who deserverecognition this Mother's Day, or for Mums who like to be handy!

            First Mother's Day Necklace

          First Mother's Days are so special. Let a new Mum know you are thinking of them with this beautiful Love Knot necklace, set against our sweet card with a message from baby. 


          To My Beautiful Mum' Pendant from Adult Son or Daughter 

          "Growing up, you wiped my tears… kissed my grazed knees… and were my safe space whenever I felt scared. You were the first person to teach me what love meant and to accept me for who I am, even during the times I struggled to accept myself. Thank you for all you have done for me – I hope I make you as proud as you make me." Our beautifully written message to show appreciation for Mums is couple with our popular ribbon pendant to make a gorgeous gift this Mother's Day