About Us (Well... me!)

About Me

My name is Heather and I started 'Two Happy Magpies' in June 2021 as a side hustle as something that I could fit around looking after my twin babies. I started off on Etsy which has been really fun, but decided to start my own website to allow myself a bit more freedom.
The name Two Happy Magpies is, in part a nod to my twin babies (2 for joy!) and also because I love Magpies and Corvids! Did you know that they are highly intelligent and even hold funerals for each other?
They're also known for their love of shiny things...which I happen to sell :)
In my spare time (haha) I enjoy walking my dog, playing escape rooms and aerial arts.
I hope you enjoy looking around my store! Please e-mail me at twohappymagpies@mail.com if you need any help.
Heather x